Can exercise and diet reverse the effects of smoking?

A few of my friends are smokers, if we ever get into the discussion on the dangers of smoking cigarettes they nod their heads and continue puffing away.

I can understand the draw of a bad habit and how difficult it might be to break it but what I can’t understand is why they think they are healthier than me.

So these friends of mine are gym rats, they slave away at the gym on a daily basis and most of them even practice clean eating.

Clean eating is when you eat only healthy unprocessed meals, it includes not eating packaged foods, added sugars and even gluten.

So here I am enjoying my turkey burger while my chain smoking friend munches away on a Greek salad then for dessert has a cigarette.

Can exercise and diet reverse the effects of smoking?  

We all know the dangers of smoking which increases your mortality rate from smoking related ailments such as cancers, strokes and heart attacks but, is it possible that exercise and diet reverse the effects of smoking?

This is a myth, yes eating healthy and exercising regularly can help make smokers feel by improving their breathing and make them feel stronger.

Smoking damages the lungs and overtime smokers might find it difficult to breathe easily so exercises especially aerobics which help strengthens your respiratory and cardiovascular system can help improve your breathing.

But, smoking affects every part of the body and the adverse effects in the long term cannot be reversed.

So instead of slaving away at the gym drop that cigarette today, because you are not only putting your health at risk you are also endangering your friends and loved ones through exposure to second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is exposure to secondary cigarette smoke, exposure to second hand smoke has been linked to increased risk of cancers, strokes and heart attacks.

Photo by Worakit Sirijinda. Published on 26 November 2012
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