I twirl on my haters!

I am a proud card carrying member of the Beyhive.

No, I don’t think she is a goddess and the best thing since sliced bread but, I do think she is so relatable.

Her songs are usually about the emotional struggles we all go through in life, especially as women.

Right from her days in Destiny’s child I have followed her career, from dangerously in love to Lemonade I have watched her grow both as a person and in her career.

So on days when I am extremely pissed off, I twirl on my haters.

Some people are just made to bring out the worst in others, both at work and in my personal life.

Because that is life but, today I am going to twirl on my haters.

For those who crave attention and validate themselves by raining on my parade I twirl on you.

For those who mislead, annoy and frankly just irritate, I twirl on you.

Those who live in hate, tend to dominate and don’t want to let me breath, I twirl on you.

For I am strong, living in love and I do belong so I twirl on you.

I reject your prejudice, ignore your disrespect and continue to dominate while twirling on you.

You try to throw some shade, make me feel like you are great but the truth remains so I twirl on you.

Welcome to my world, the reality of love where warmth would make me whole and all without a fuss,

Slaying cause I can and looking fly while I smile, because I realize you are not worth my time,

This is for those who try to make me feel bad, living in deceit and calling me a friend,

You hate my honesty, I think of it as being free,

But for you who lives in dishonesty I shed a tear for you.


Photo by Stuart Miles. Published on 13 August 2014
Stock photo – Image ID: 100281499

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