The importance of Exercise

It has been a busy month, from a project from hell that led to lots of overtime I had little time to exercise.

All I wanted to do when I got home was fall into bed and sleep.

So I kind of stopped exercising all together and I started to feel the difference.

It all started with pains in the morning when I get out of bed then lethargy during the day.

Then I started feeling bloated and gassy at night and had difficulty sleeping.

So how important is exercise to the human body?

When I first started exercising I just wanted to lose some weight.

The twenty pounds I had gained since I started working never seemed to come off and I just wanted it gone.

But as I started doing my favorite exercise which is walking I started to notice some benefits which include:

  1. Exercise improves health and fights diseases: Regular diseases helps prevent diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and stroke. When you exercise regularly the body releases “good” cholesterol which prevents the buildup of “bad” cholesterol that leads to many of these diseases.
  2. Mood booster: Exercise releases endorphins which leads to a better mood. Regular exercise  leaves you feeling relaxed and happier.
  3. Energizer: Even though it makes no sense whatsoever exercise boosts your energy. Even though you might be tired and sleepy a brisk walk on a cool day gives you that much needed pick me up to start your day.

So as I put on my gym gear and stepped outside I eagerly looked forward to my walk because I missed the feeling of energy, happiness and vitality.

Photo by stockimages. Published on 16 September 2013
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