A friend like you

I once read an article that said we should all be kind but not nice.

What does this mean, isn’t a kind person by default nice ?

It actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it,

because I have learnt that there are many nice people that are actually not kind.

With fake smiles and dishonesty they inquire about your well being,

They act like they care while stabbing you in the back,

They claim that they are helping you while they are actually killing you,

With friends like these who needs enemies ?

They call it being civil, being polite and socially acceptable,

Playing the game and getting the rewards,

Cause the end justifies the means,

No matter who gets hurt,

As long as they have a smile on their faces,

No wrong can be done.

With careful words and a mask in place,

They make you feel that you are so safe,

A false sense of complacency, you have fallen so deep,

And when you learn the truth it, the fall is so steep.

Cause how can you claim to be my friend?

When I am scared to say a honest word around you Dear,

I fake my emotions and hide my feelings,

Cause I never know what you really think.

You urge me on to say my mind,

Gathering information to use, at a latter time.

I sometimes wish I hadn’t gotten so close,

Cause I am much better off,

Without a friend like you.


Photo by nenetus. Published on 30 September 2015
Stock photo – Image ID: 100365456

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