What you deserve

Sometimes even the smartest people can fall in love with the wrong people.

From gold diggers to narcissists, there are so many bad people in this world.

Many of them use love as a weapon to berate, criticize and control the people in their lives.

Over time you start to believe that maybe they are right,

Why can’t you just act the way he wants you to act ?

Why can’t you see he loves you and that is why he is hurting you ?

But love is not pain, love is not mean and love is definitely not hate.

So even if you cannot imagine living without him, life does go on.

You are much stronger than you know.

Though it hurts today,

Tomorrow it would hurt a little less and even less the day after that,

And slowly as time goes by you would wake up one day and forget to be sad.

You would hear the birds singing, the wind lifting your hair,

And realize it is truly a beautiful world.

Because time does heal all wounds, life does go on and you do deserve better.

You deserve a crazy, beautiful and deep kind of love,

A perfect imperfect romance that thrills you and comforts you

A belief in dreams, love and hope,

A sigh at the sight of that person and a whimper when you are apart,

The feeling of completeness and satisfaction,

A craving fulfilled and a joy complete,

You deserve a peaceful home and a nourished soul,

Because you deserve all this you would not be alone.

Photo by hyena reality. Published on 08 March 2016
Stock photo – Image ID: 100399388

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