Who would I be ?

As I sat down by the window I wondered what my story would be ?

I frequently watch interviews with celebrities who talk about their life’s stories,

I always love stories of those people who against all odds succeeded.

The unlikely under dogs who grew up dirt poor and were undervalued,

Who had a dream that seemed so impossible,

those who couldn’t even speak English or had shoes to wear,

Who are winning the best awards and whose fame lasted more than a year.

I wonder what my story would be,

If I would be a source of inspiration for the younger generation

or live on unresolved loss and failed promises.

No matter what happens though I know,

That I have to live my life like I would want,

To take chances and fight my fears,

Not the path of least resistance

Or a safety net.

To venture where few would go,

Not knowing what I  might see,

And make opinions known,

Without a popular vote.

Cause I was born to be a leader

and not a sheep taken to the slaughter.

Photo by David Castillo Dominici. Published on 30 November 2012
Stock photo – Image ID: 100122404

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