Let’s talk about Pee

Wee-wee, pee, urine, piss, it has so many names and we all do it at least once a day.

There is no feeling comparable to passing urine after you have had to hold it for hours.

But can your pee be an indicator of your health?

Yes it can, the color of your urine can be an indicator of the state of your health so it is important you know what it means.

So lets see what the different colors mean:

Amber or gold hued: This means that you are doing a good job of staying hydrated.

Dark honey or brown shade: This could be a sign of dehydration, but it could also be a sign of liver disease so it is important that you go to the Doctor’s to have some tests run especially if the dark colored urine persists over time.

Dark pink or red shade: Once you have eliminated the usual culprits such as consuming beets or food dyed with red food coloring, it is time to go to your Doctor. Red hued urine can be an indication of blood in your urine and this can be caused by numerous conditions from Kidney diseases to cancers.

Blue or green shade: It can be quite alarming to see blue or green colored urine and it is quite uncommon. But some health conditions such as porphyria an enzyme condition can cause the color of the patient’s urine to be blue or green.

Foaming urine: urinating with increased force can cause this but it can also be caused by excess consumption of protein.

What about smell?

Sometimes you might notice an odor when you pee and this can also be an indication of the state of your health.

Sweet smell: Eating fruits or sweet foods can cause your urine to smell sweet but sweet smelling urine can also be caused by diabetes.

Rotten eggs: Some people say that their urine smells like rotten eggs after eating asparagus because they might have a gene which breaks down asparagus into a sulfuric compound.

How often should I go in a day?

How frequently you go to the bathroom is usually an indication of your liquid consumption. If you drink more fluids you would go to the bathroom more frequently. Some people with health conditions such as diabetes tend to go to the bathroom more frequently.

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