How to care for an inconsolable baby

Have you ever wondered why your baby seems to cry all the time.

There are various old wives tales about how to stop an inconsolable child from crying and some of them are really out there. But what is the right way to soothe a crying baby.

Colic also known as inconsolable baby is the name for a healthy baby that cries excessively. It is a relatively common problem that occurs as soon as the baby is a few weeks old and stops when the baby is six months old.

What are the symptoms of Colic?

Common symptoms of colic include the following: abdominal pain and predictable intense crying episodes that usually lasts several hours and intense crying in a fetal position.

What causes Colic?

The cause of colic is unknown and research has been conducted to identify if it caused by allergies, indigestion or various conditions but all studies have proven futile.

As a parent what should I do to soothe my baby?

While caring for a colic baby can be frustrating and difficult remember that your child is not ill and he or she loves you. You can help soothe by gently rocking the crying baby, giving him or her a warm bath and rubbing their bellies.

Though colic usually has no medical causes you should confirm that the baby is not crying due to another problem such as acid reflux or eczema.

You should seek immediate medical help if you notice that your baby seems weak and floppy when carried, is vomiting, has blood in their poop, is eating well, isn’t breathing well and had a seizure.

Photo by David Castillo Dominici. Published on 09 September 2013
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