Is Breast milk really better than infant formula?

You just had a baby, after the initial euphoria has worn out you are back home and reality sets in.

You listened attentively in your prenatal classes where they taught you the importance of exclusive breastfeeding to your infant’s health and you are determined to be the best mother you can possibly be.

But after two months of sleepless nights and hourly feedings you are over it.

So the question is breast milk really better than infant formula?

There has been some research that shows that breast milk actually has no benefits over infant formula.

So why do they advise that nursing mothers breast-feed exclusively for the first 6 months of a baby’s life?

Breast milk is still considered as the best food for babies it contains the right balance of nutrients for your baby and boosts your baby’s immune system.

Breast milk has numerous health benefits including helping to build a baby’s immunity and prevent allergies and other diseases.

Breast milk has also been linked to a reduction in the risk of obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancers for the breast fed children when they reach adulthood.

Nursing mothers also benefit from breastfeeding because studies have shown that it reduces the risk of having certain cancers and heart disease.

So while there are no discernible differences between breast milk and infant formula, it is advised that you follow your Doctor’s advice and breast-feed your child.

But in situations where you are unable to, then infant formula would work just as well.

So let go of the mommy guilt and give yourself a break, we are all doing the best we can. Being a new mother is hard enough without the need to live up to impossible standards.

Photo by Jomphong. Published on 29 May 2013
Stock photo – Image ID: 100172758