Let’s talk about Poop.

We all do it, young and the old, celebrities and CEO’s we all poop.

And I am sure you have looked down the toilet bowl after doing number two and wondered why your poop looked funny.

Lets take a look at different types of poop and what they say about your health.

What is poop?

Poop, stool, feces, excrement and doodoo as it is fondly called are the waste products of digested food. Once your body takes the nutrients it needs from the food you have eaten, you poop out the waste.

This is really important for your health because it is the body’s natural way of expelling waste.

How frequently should you poop?

Poop frequency is personal, some people go once a day while other go once a week. As long as you don’t have any signs of constipation such as abdominal pain then you should be fine.

What color should my poop be?

Part of the digestive problem is the mixture of bile with the waste material so your poop is usually brown.

If your poop is red it may be caused by food such as beets but it could also be an indication of bleeding in the bowel. Bleeding in the bowel can be caused by numerous conditions including hemorrhoids and rectal cancer.

Green poop occurs when waste travels rapidly through the intestines and this doesn’t allow bile to mix with it, but it could also be caused by leafy vegetables, antibiotics and Crohn’s disease.

If your poop is black, sticky and smells really bad, it may be a cause for concern because that can be an indication of internal bleeding. But consuming medications such as iron supplements can also make your poop black.

Light colored poop which looks like grey clay can be caused by antacids, liver disease or a blockage which prevents the flow of bile in the digestive process.

White poop can be caused by mucus in the stool and Mal-absorption of fat.

What shape should my poop be?

Shape doesn’t really matter and similar to frequency it depends on your bodily function.

What about the size of my poop?

Small, hard poop is an indication of a low fiber diet and could lead to constipation. Increasing your fiber content can lead to bulkier softer poop that is easier to pass.

Why does my poop smell so bad?

Unlike the popular belief a really bad smelling poop is probably harmless.

Our intestines are filled with bacteria and these help the digestive process. They aid in digestion and cause your pop to smell bad.

What about if I cannot go at all?

Being constipated is not fun at all. You feel gassy, bloated, and uncomfortable. Trying to go yields no results and you tend to feel frustrated. Constipation can be caused by numerous factors including diet, lack of physical activity and medication such as pain medication and iron supplements.

You can eat fruits and vegetables rich in fiber to help increase your bowel movement. Drink more water and if your constipation is caused by medication speak to your Doctor about your constipation he can adjust your dosage or advice an alternative medication.

Frequent constipation can lead to tears in the anal tissue and hemorrhoids so it is important that you get to the root cause of your constipation and get it treated.

What if I go, A LOT?

Diarrhea can also be as uncomfortable as constipation and could even be worse. If can be caused by numerous drugs including and adverse food reaction, bacteria and a virus.

It could potentially be life threatening because it can lead to dehydration. So it is important to consume fluids when experiencing diarrhea.

It usually doesn’t require treatment but if you feel extremely weak then go to the Hospital immediately.

So your poop can actually say a lot about your health, though not a topic for dinner conversation it is a very helpful bodily function.

Photo by Tuomas_Lehtinen. Published on 23 January 2015
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