The link between Obesity and Cancer

If there is one more reason why you should start your weight loss regime today it is this, there have been studies that prove a link between obesity and cancer.

The study states that over 3 % of cancers in adults are caused by high body mass index (BMI). Women are at a higher risk than men with over 8% of cancers causes by high BMI’s as compared to the 4% in Men.

Being overweight or obese has also been linked to a higher risk of related health issues including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

What is the link between obesity and cancer?

There are a numerous ways that obesity can cause cancer including:

Excessive fat tissue acts as an organ and makes the body more susceptible to cancer.

The fat tissue does this by producing excess amount of the estrogen hormone.

Excess amounts of this hormone has been linked to breast, endometrial and other cancers.

What types of cancers have been linked to obesity:

The types of cancers that can be caused by excessive fat include

Oesophageal, kidney, pancreas, rectal, ovarian, endometrial, gallbladder and postmenopausal breast cancers.

How can we protect ourselves?

You just have to lose weight the healthy weight. When I say healthy I mean no crash diets, no crazy cleanses and no starvation regime. It might take a while but with a healthy meal plan and exercise you would start to see results.

You didn’t gain the weight in a single day so you cannot lose it in a day either. Work on a exercise plan and pre-plan your meals to keep track of your food intake.

If you have a bad day by eating lots of calories don’t lose hope, just try to do better in future.

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