How to recognize the symptoms of Diabetes

In a world filled with busy people, having busy lives it is understandable that fast foods and frozen dinners have replaced the traditional home cooked meals.

Though easy to prepare and great tasting, these fast foods are also filled with calories and high in sugar.

This in addition to other factors has led to the world’s population seeing a rise in the incidence of diabetic patient.

It was previously taken for granted that diabetes was a genetic problem and if you didn’t have it in your family history then you would be fine.

But that is not the case today, we see young people with no family history of the disease being diagnosed with diabetes.

How can you tell if you have diabetes?

There are symptoms of diabetes, which should not be ignored, and they include

  1. Hunger: When you eat your body converts food into glucose and your cells in turn use up the glucose for energy. Insulin is needed by your cells to assimilate the glucose and if your body is not producing enough insulin then your body cannot get the necessary energy it needs. This makes you feel hungry and tired.
  2. Increased Urination: If you notice that you tend to pee more often and you are usually thirsty then you should get yourself tested for diabetes. Diabetes causes the body to have a build up of glucose, which cannot be filtered by the kidneys so the excess sugar is excreted from the human body through urine. This is turn would lead to increased urination.
  3. Dehydration: Due to the increased need to urinate your skin may start to dry out and feel itchy.
  4. Blurred vision: High blood sugar levels could cause fluid to leak into optical lens of the eyes causing it to swell and change shape. This could also lead to blurry vision making the eyes hard to focus.

If left untreated over time diabetes can lead to complications such as damage to the eyes. Over time if there is a build up of fluid in the eyes,  blood vessels start to form in the retina that is found at the back of the eye. This could lead to eye damage and possibly diabetes.

If you suspect that you have diabetes consult a licensed doctor. He/She can run some tests and come up with a treatment plan.

Diabetes especially type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a good diet and exercise so even if you are diagnosed don’t lose hope, stick with the treatment plan and you would soon be as healthy as you have ever been.

Photo by nenetus. Published on 18 September 2015
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