When a house is not a Home (Part 2)

So Susan struggled, she was the sole breadwinner of her home and felt overwhelmed.

Over time the verbal abuse from John changed to physical abuse.

Even looking at him the wrong way could end up with her getting a black eye.

She tried to share her fears with her family but even though they tried to offer words of encouragement,

They couldn’t believe that the God-fearing man with his handsome demeanor could be the monster John.

She sought counseling at a shelter for abused women and though she was advised to leave him,

She couldn’t make herself leave her matrimonial home.

Soon enough he started hitting her in front of the children.

She tried to ease their fears when they cried at night when they asked her out loud “why does Daddy always hit mummy?â€?

Instinctively they knew that something was wrong.

Seven years into the marriage, Susan looked haggard and feared for her life.

She wondered when she the strong independent Woman had turned into another cliché.

She felt buried and didn’t know how to find her way out of the sinkhole that had become her life.

She started contemplating thoughts of suicide but when she remembered her children she instinctively shied away from the idea.

At that point John had stopped searching for a job and instead spent his days watching TV.

He had a beer gut and was severely obese.

His days were spent drinking and his nights were spent gambling.

He was not even a shadow of the man that she had met and married.

With no one to turn to and feelings of entrapment, Susan dreaded going home.

One night she came in late, she had stayed back at her second job to take inventory and had not finished until it was quite late.

“Arrrghhh” She screamed when she felt the blow that landed on her jaw.

As soon as she had walked in the door, John was waiting for her.

“Where have you been?” He yelled and raised his fist to punch her a second time.

Without thinking about it, Susan swung the umbrella that was in her hand with all her might.

As the plastic handle connected with his head, blood came gushing out.

With a mixture of shock and pain, John held his head

“You hit me” He said in wonder

Susan stared down at her hands in surprise .

She couldn’t believe that she had done that,

“Where had the strength come from? ” She asked herself as she watched him frantically trying to staunch the blood flow with a towel.



To be continued …

Photo by David Castillo Dominici. Published on 06 November 2012
Stock photo – Image ID: 100109896