When your house is not a Home (Part 1)

I know a woman who is very unhappy.

This woman named Susan is in an unhappy marriage.

When she was much younger she had a couple of kids for her boyfriend and for almost 15 years she raised those kids as a single mom.

With her minimum wage job and side gigs she was able to provide for her kids and was relatively happy.

Then she met a tall handsome man at work.

He was a new supervisor and had just been moved to work in her unit.

From the very beginning they didn’t get along.

She thought that he was a egocentric man with delusions of grandeur and he thought that she was too proud.

Over time she lost her intense dislike for the man name John and they became friends.

John was a widower who had lost his wife at childbirth a couple of years ago.

He was a tall handsome man with a winning smile, who dotted on his young 13-year-old Daughter.

After a couple of months they started dating and grew quite fond of each other.

When John finally proposed after 3 months of dating but instead of intense joy Susan felt doubt.

She thought when she finally met the man of her dreams she would be happy.

But instead she felt fear, fear of making a mistake, fear of being stuck in an awful marriage and fear of the unknown.

She tried to get advice from her friends but all of them couldn’t understand how she felt.

“Susan you should be happy that a handsome man like John wants to marry you” They said with happiness.

So Susan married John in a small ceremony on the beach.

Life was good for the first year, then John lost his job.

Suddenly the honeymoon phase was gone.

John became increasingly grouchy, difficult and easily irritated.

The longer it took for him to get a job the more difficult he became.

Slowly his anger turned to verbal abuse then physical abuse.

Susan tried to be supportive and even got an extra job as a sales person to make ends meet.

But this wasn’t enough for him, he felt that taking a job below a certain level was beneath him and refused to consider that option.



To be continued …

Photo by marin. Published on 12 November 2012
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