In a Trance

I feel weird when I recollect,

The way I felt standing there,

With your arms around me, so warm and strong

and thinking this is where I was meant to be.

But now you’ve gone, a memory past,

I miss you more, each day than last

The way it felt to be sixteen,

And have a kiss from a guy like this.

So big and strong , just like a prince,

I felt like a princess from a fairytale.

We held hands one night at prom,

and after that we fell in love,

But now time’s past and we are old,

The fairytale seems long past.

Then I ran into you one lovely day,

And the past just faded into yesterday.

I stared at you and you stared back,

Each caught up in a trance,

but then you held your arms out wide

And I walked in with a sigh.

Photo by photostock. Published on 07 March 2011
Stock photo – Image ID: 10033141