What is the best fish to eat ?

Fish is an excellent low-calorie source of protein, which doesn’t have the fat and cholesterol of red meats.

I have written a post on the dangers of eating red meat in an earlier post and I advised eating more of white meat and fish.

But, as with all things in life not all fish are created equal.

Some varieties of fish such as shark and mackerel are very high in mercury, which is a known carcinogen.

But some fish are particularly rich in nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids.

Which fish are these?

Fish that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and selenium include:

  1. Wild Salmon
  2. Farmed Rainbow trout
  3. Farmed Striped bass.
  4. The Atlantic Pollock.
  5. Flounder.
  6. Sole.
  7. Freshwater Perch.
  8. Farmed Catfish also contains Vitamin D.
  9. Haddock also contains Vitamin B12.
  10. Tilapia.
  11. Halibut also contains niacin and B12.


The method of preparation of your fish also matters because  processing methods including smoking have been linked to an increase in the carcinogens.

So ensure you don’t over process these nutrient rich foods before consumption.

Some fish that have been linked to high mercury contents include

  1. Canned tuna
  2. Sardines: Smaller sardines contain less mercury than the older larger fish.
  3. king mackerel
  4. marlin
  5. orange roughy
  6. shark
  7. swordfish
  8. filefish
  9. bigeye
  10. ahi tuna


Limit the consumption of fish linked to high mercury levels to once or twice a week.


Photo by tiverylucky. Published on 07 November 2013
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