All I want is some honesty

Sometimes all I want is some honesty,

None of the idiosyncrasies  and some truth I need.

To be sincere is worth the tears,

And to be aware beyond my fears.

I want the truth, it makes it real,

The things I feel makes me aware.

Of all the lies the others tell,

makes all the truth, more precious dear.

I don’t want lies, I don’t want doubt,

I want to know I can trust you’re there.

That you’re not part of a phony tribe,

who breath in doubt and sprout out lies.

I need the truth, I need to feel,

There something more to this life I see.

That I can smile like a little child,

Trusting in you to tell no lies.

This devious world we live in today,

makes me fear for my future kids.

would they believe that lies are cool,

it’s okay to be deceitful cause we all do.

The truth can be changed to fit your perspective,

A flexible thing so disrespected.

That men aren’t real, they all want one thing,

And so women connive to get some too.

The lies we tell are hurtful things,

you might have forgotten when you hurt me then.

The end you say justifies the means,

The winner takes it all, and you think your free

But you lost out on something, a love so real,

A precious thing I gave so free.

Expecting nothing in return, but honesty,

But even that you’re too scared to give.


Photo by Stuart Miles. Published on 15 September 2014
Stock photo – Image ID: 100288169


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