Simply Me

I am not a bad person,

I know this for a fact.

But, sometimes I get angry,

And say things out of spite.

I might not be perfect.

Far from the most beautiful.

But, I am unique,

The best of a few.

I know I am different,

I revel in my difference.

Cause I don’t believe in normal,

Cause really what is normal ?

Some people were raised in deceit,

The bread and butter of lies.

They really are so two-faced,

Hides frowns behind their smiles.

The betrayal of their deception,

Burns so hot within.

to realize that truth is relative,

Based on who is telling it.

So I say good bye to my innocence,

it has been burnt by your beliefs.

And now I embrace my indifference,

cause it makes the hurt release.


Photo by Stuart Miles. Published on 21 October 2013
Stock photo – Image ID: 100211559