A forgotten man.

You once told me that people lie.

Maybe cause you lie more than most.

You may call deception your best friend.

And may see my passions as a source of jest.

Imagine me, grounded in despair.

wondering why I fell for you.

People seem to be sincere,

when they come so awfully near.

With pain and tears in my eyes,

I ask you why you broke my heart,

but with these words, you shrug me off.

“Simply cause I could my dear”,

Time would pass and the pain would go.

I’d forget I called you love.

I’d smile again at simpler times.

Remembering when I thought you mine.

Then our paths would cross one day,

And with a pause I’d see you there,

You’d look at me, mix of shock and fear

wondering how I would react.

But, I’d just smile and nod at you,

The forgotten man that you’ve become.


Photo by Stuart Miles. Published on 07 March 2015
Stock photo – Image ID: 100314096