Financial abuse : Susan’s story

Susan met Dave a young south-African man, at a church function, with his imposing height of six feet three inches he was so handsome.

She introduced herself and soon enough they became friends.

She had just gotten divorced from her husband of five years Phil and was so heartbroken and depressed.

When Dave started making advances she was hesitant, but the renewed attention from the opposite sex was too good to resist.

He quickly took her on a wonderful ride, bought her expensive clothes, took her on exotic vacations and before long she fell in love.

“Baby I hated my ex-wife” Dave told Susan one morning.

She listened intently while he told her how his ex-wife Julia had made his life a living hell.

Slowly he described how Julia had gained so much weight after having their first child and how she was always demanding for money from him.

Susan mentally stored his dislikes and decided to renew her gym membership the following day.

Dave continued to share his previous marital issues with Susan and she felt grateful that he felt comfortable enough to open up to her.

As he told her scary stories of his ex-wife , Susan swore to never act that way.

After a few months, Dave asked her to move in with him and they started searching for a new apartment.

They found a great place on the trendier part of town and when she mentioned how expensive it seemed, he shrugged it off telling her about how nothing was too good for her.

The day they were supposed to move into  the new apartment she received a frantic call from Dave

“My Mom had a heart attack, I need to fly down to South Africa right now”

She tried to calm him down, but he continued anxiously ”I have just paid for the new apartment and now I have no money for the ticket”

She quickly assured him saying “I can help, how much do you need?”

“Five thousand dollars should do it” He replied.

She paused surprised at the huge amount and he continued “ For both the flight money and the hospital bills. I promise to pay you back sweet heart”

She heard the pain in his voice and realising that he had never asked her for money before she asked him to send her his bank details.

Susan sent him the money.

She had inherited some money from her Dad when he had passed away earlier that year, so she had the money saved up.

That was the last time Susan heard from Dave.

Apparently he had heard of the wealthy young woman who had inherited some money and had targeted her.

When she went to his old apartment to confront him after a few days of silence, she found the apartment empty.

The landlord informed her that he had moved out and had left no forwarding address.

No one in the church knew where he was and had no means of contacting him.

She contacted a lawyer who informed her that because she had no written proof of the loan, she couldn’t sue Dave for the loan repayment.

If this happened to you what would you do?


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2 thoughts on “Financial abuse : Susan’s story

  1. Nothing is always at its first seems. You can’t be judge and jury in your own case.

    I recommend that anyone in a relationship should have someone older/wiser to oversee the relationship and objectively access it for scams like these.

    There is a saying that what a old man sees sitting down, a boy cannot see it even if he is standing on the roof top of the Burj Khalifa. The Book also says that in the multitude of counsel, there is safety.

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