Physical abuse : Tina’s Story

It all started out so wonderfully, Tina met Ben one evening and it seemed like faith.

He shared all her ideologies, seemed to share her beliefs and she breathed a sign of relief that it had finally happened.

Things progressed from there she spoke on the phone every night and was at each other’s places every other day.

But, soon enough She noticed that Ben had a bit of a temper.

He had the tendency to get angry at every little mistake she made, like leaving the tea mug on his coffee table with a coaster or wearing a pair of black shoes he didn’t like.

Soon the honey moon phase ended and reality set in, he stopped calling every so often, expected her to cook dinner for him every night and pick up his laundry after work.

It was like a marriage without the benefit of a wedding ring.

Tina tried talking to her best friend Callie about it, but all she can see was what a gentleman he was in public.

Tina started thinking that maybe she was complaining too much.

Three months after that, She was at his place serving him dinner, he took one bite of the curried chicken and spat it out in disgust.

Tina looked up in shock, but all she could see was his raised fist descending on her head.

Abuse starts out in little ways, from a slight push to an angry word.

A woman doesn’t start feeling like she is being abused overnight; it starts with the little things.



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  1. Run, as soon as you discover the first signs. Its not your life’s ambition to change anyone.

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