The art of missing you


I hate missing people especially someone I just met, but I can’t help myself

I am stuck on you.

It is not because of a particular thing you do, it is more like how I feel when I am around you.

From the way you make me laugh at the silliest things, to how your deep gaze makes me blush.

I love the feeling of acceptance I feel when we are together and hate the impatience I feel when we are apart.

I always want to share my moments with you and hate the thought our being apart.

I have tried so hard to fight it, kicking, clawing and denying it, but the truth is that I have fallen for you.

Forget the cliches, ignore the details, time means nothing to me when you are near.

So please come home soon because I miss you.


Photo by jscreationzs. Published on 08 July 2010
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