How was your christmas?

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year.

Probably because when I was a kid, we used to go to my grandparents house and all my relatives would be there.

Coming from a large family is great especially during celebrations and I can remember how much fun I used to have.

But as I grew older I only saw Christmas day as an opportunity to indulge in good food and sleep in.

I usually spend Christmas day in my pajamas watching reruns and laughing at cliched jokes.

So while it might have been fun as a kid, as an adult not so much.

So my question is, what does Christmas mean to you?

Is it an opportunity to enjoy food and great company?

Relax and be lazy?

Or just be glad you are alive?

Regardless of your answer, one thing is true of all 3 options.

Christmas is a beautiful time and I still love it.

So I hope you had a great Christmas and look forward to having a wonderful and blessed 2017.

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Celebrating Mediocrity

We live in an unfair world and it is  never more apparent than when you work in a functional organization.

How  many times have you been passed up for a promotion you deserve or ignored when awards are being given for doing a great job ?

Over time it becomes frustrating and you start to believe that those books that you read as a kid, talking about the rewards for diligence were just fairy tales.

You start becoming angry, resentful and moody.

But this is when you have to look inwards and believe in a higher purpose.

Yes, we do live in an unfair world which seems to reward mediocrity.

But that is not an excuse to give up.

Because success is never nearer than when things get tough.

Just hang in there because we all have a purpose in life.

Some people seem to have it easier than others but we all have a story to tell.

Your struggles might  be preparing you for something greater in life, so learn from your experience, believe in a higher calling and do your best.

I always strive to be the best in all I do and no matter how small it is I  always try to have fun.

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I twirl on my haters!

I am a proud card carrying member of the Beyhive.

No, I don’t think she is a goddess and the best thing since sliced bread but, I do think she is so relatable.

Her songs are usually about the emotional struggles we all go through in life, especially as women.

Right from her days in Destiny’s child I have followed her career, from dangerously in love to Lemonade I have watched her grow both as a person and in her career.

So on days when I am extremely pissed off, I twirl on my haters.

Some people are just made to bring out the worst in others, both at work and in my personal life.

Because that is life but, today I am going to twirl on my haters.


The #Nobreakfast diet

I was raised to believe that breakfast was the most important meal of the day.

Growing up I watched commercials sprouting the benefits of eating a good breakfast in the morning.

So when I got on the weight loss train I earnestly stuck to those words.

Every morning I would either eat cereal, oats or a sandwich for breakfast.

Knowing that wheat bread was supposedly an healthier alternative to white bread I lightly buttered my wheat sandwich and told myself it was healthy because it had vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes in it.

But was about if what I had always known was wrong ?

What if I skipped eating breakfast instead what could possibly happen?

I stumbled on this thought when I woke up one morning and I didn’t feel like eating at all.

I didn’t feel like eating oats and due to my new year resolution of not eating bread this year, I couldn’t eat a sandwich either.

So I decided not to eat anything.

By noon I started feeling hungry but I also realized something else, I felt lighter.


How to handle negative people

I know a thoroughly distasteful person named Sam.

Sam is the most cantankerous and negative person you could ever meet.

When there is a problem, Sam would compound it by stating reasons why no solution would ever work.

He would go on about how life is tough and how things would always end up wrong.

He reads up on the chaos in the world and this strengthens his beliefs that everything sucks.

He is a sponge that sucks up the happiness from every occasion and the worst part is I have to work with him.

I tend to avoid Sam because he is like a virus that infects everything he touches.


The grass is always greener

At some point in our lives we tend to feel discontented.

Either because of our jobs, family or just the way our lives turned out.

This could lead us to want for something more, either a job change or even a divorce.

But is the grass really greener on the other side?

We see the pictures, admire the lifestyles and wish we were them.

Celebrities with their private planes, designer clothes and beautiful mansions.

We crave to hear about the scandals, shocked at the public displays of humanity

And think with a shake of our heads” Celebrities, they are just like us”,


The power of positive thinking

I am a simple person.

I want the simple things in life such as good food, nice clothes and a great place to live.

I used to thrive on challenges and saw them as opportunities to prove myself.

That was until all I had were challenges.

Challenges at work and my personal life.

Everyone can handle a problem once in a while, but when all you seem to have are problems it gets exhausting.

You stop being a problem solver and instead become constantly on alert.

You dont know when the next problem would occur so you learn to expect only problems.


Culture or Stubbornness

Whenever I go to a new place, I love learning about their culture.

Their food, clothing, mannerisms and way of life.

I love learning about their history, their families and the way they think.

But when does culture become a limitation to growth ?

When does your history stop you from leaving the past behind and growing into the future.

Why do you continue to cling to the ways of your fore fathers and stop looking for answers in the future.

I recently went to such a place, which seemed caught up in the past.

Lost in the ways of their ancestors they cling to archaic belief, which is preventing their much needed growth.

Basic amenities are ignored by the hatred of westernization, while they still dwell on oracles and superstitions.


A friend like you

I once read an article that said we should all be kind but not nice.

What does this mean, isn’t a kind person by default nice ?

It actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it,

because I have learnt that there are many nice people that are actually not kind.

With fake smiles and dishonesty they inquire about your well being,

They act like they care while stabbing you in the back,

They claim that they are helping you while they are actually killing you,

With friends like these who needs enemies ?

They call it being civil, being polite and socially acceptable,


What you deserve

Sometimes even the smartest people can fall in love with the wrong people.

From gold diggers to narcissists, there are so many bad people in this world.

Many of them use love as a weapon to berate, criticize and control the people in their lives.

Over time you start to believe that maybe they are right,

Why can’t you just act the way he wants you to act ?

Why can’t you see he loves you and that is why he is hurting you ?

But love is not pain, love is not mean and love is definitely not hate.

So even if you cannot imagine living without him, life does go on.

You are much stronger than you know.

Though it hurts today,

Tomorrow it would hurt a little less and even less the day after that,

And slowly as time goes by you would wake up one day and forget to be sad.

You would hear the birds singing, the wind lifting your hair,

And realize it is truly a beautiful world.