What is clean eating?

On this weight loss band wagon, I have tried a whole lot of diets.

From counting calories to eating only protein, I have tried them all.

One thing I have learnt on this journey is how much I enjoy my food.

I enjoy the smell of good food, the taste and the satisfied feeling I get when I have had a good meal.

So while I want to lose weight and look good, I also want to have a great quality of life.

So how do I have my cake and eat it?

I have decided to try eating clean.

What is clean eating?

Clean eating involves whole foods or unprocessed foods.

Whole foods are foods that have not been packaged or canned such as fruits, vegetables and fresh produce.


The wonders of Tiger nuts

Tiger nuts are small tubers with a high energy content. They contain starch, fats, sugars and proteins and are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

The minerals in tiger nuts are:

  1. Phosphorous: this mineral strengthens bones and teeth, it also helps improve brain functions and is a source of energy.
  2. Potassium: This mineral is important for the behavior of cells and ensures that enzymes function properly.
  3. Magnesium: Tiger nuts are a rich source of magnesium which helps with numerous biochemical reactions in the body.
  4. Potassium: Tiger nuts have a higher potassium content than bananas. Potassium helps with cellular functions and aids in digestion.

The vitamins in tiger nuts are:

  1. Vitamin C: This vitamin acts as an antioxidant and ensures the proper absorption of iron. It also strengthens bones and teeth.
  2. Vitamin E: This vitamin helps with the production of the red blood cells, muscles and tissues in the body.
  3. Amino acid: These nuts contains amino acids which help dilate blood vessels and maintains normal blood pressure.

In addition to these minerals and vitamins tiger nut are a rich source of energy and fiber.


Why do some women have facial hair?

I just met a lovely young woman she was engaging and warm, but I couldn’t help but notice that she had a lot of facial hair .

While she did not appear to be  self conscious about it, I couldn’t help but wonder what causes this phenomenon in women.

Excessive hair on a woman’s body is known as hirsutism, this condition is characterized but an unusual amount of body hair that is coarser in texture and darker in color than the hair on other parts of the woman’s body.

So what causes this condition?

This condition is usually caused by higher than normal levels of the male hormone androgens which also includes testosterone. All women have low levels of androgens present in their body but when these levels become higher than normal they can lead to hirsutism.


Foods that protect your heart

So every other day we read about the latest food fads, from coconut oil to avocados.

Most of these foods start trending on social media due to their stated health benefits. Some are fact while others are merely fiction, but most people would try anything in the quest for a healthy life.

Through all these those that catch my eye are those mostly related to cardiovascular health?

I am of African descent and people of my race have been known to have a higher risk of heart diseases, diabetes and hypertension. So in my quest to live a healthier and happier life I try to eat foods known to improve the heart.

Having low LDL cholesterol levels are said to be the best way to improve your heart and preferring the homeopathic path I search for foods that can help me achieve my goal.

So what foods help reduce LDL cholesterol levels?

  1. Oatmeal: I have previously written about the health benefits of eating oats and it is still my go to breakfast of choice (i.e. when I do eat breakfast). Oatmeal is rich in fiber, which helps bind cholesterol away from the blood that is then excreted out of the body. It also regulates blood sugar levels, aids in digestion and keeps you fuller for longer which helps aid weigh loss.


The nourishing goodness of flax seeds

As my journey on the weight loss train continues I have been reading up of healthier options to my usual diet and I stumbled on flax seed.

What is flax seed?

Even though you might not realize it you have probably eaten flax seed at one point in your life. It is found in all types of foods especially pastries and cereals.

Flax seed is also known as flax, which is the plant that the seeds are derived from. Flax is grown mainly for its oil that is produced from pressing flax seeds. The seeds of the flax plant are rich in numerous nutrients including Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber.

The consumption of foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to a reduction in the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and LDL cholesterol levels.

Eating foods rich in antioxidants help fight infection, diseases and strengthen the immune system. They have also been linked to a reduced risk of developing some types of cancer including breast, prostrate and colon cancers.

Fiber rich foods help with digestion, reduce LDL cholesterol levels and promote weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer.

So how do you enjoy the nourishing goodness of this oil seed?

You can eat flax seed when it is ground into flour. Once it is ground you can drink it in a shake, add it to your cereal or even soups.

You can also bake it into pastries and even pasta. So go and buy some of this wonderful seed and have a taste of its nourishing goodness.


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Are you a part of the #NoMakeup trend?

Alicia keys recently made headlines when she stated that she would no longer be wearing makeup.

While this is not such a life changing concept it made the news because an international celebrity of her stature are usually known to look their best at all times.

Originally known and respected for her amazing musical talent, Alicia Keys is no doubt also a beautiful woman.

So when she stated that she would no longer be using cosmetics that has become a part of modern culture  the world took notice.

So my question is How important is make up to you?

I started using makeup in high school, I grew up watching my Mother put on Powders, eye liners and Lipstick every morning before she left the house so i have always associated a well dressed woman with well applied makeup.


How to recognize the symptoms of Diabetes

In a world filled with busy people, having busy lives it is understandable that fast foods and frozen dinners have replaced the traditional home cooked meals.

Though easy to prepare and great tasting, these fast foods are also filled with calories and high in sugar.

This in addition to other factors has led to the world’s population seeing a rise in the incidence of diabetic patient.

It was previously taken for granted that diabetes was a genetic problem and if you didn’t have it in your family history then you would be fine.

But that is not the case today, we see young people with no family history of the disease being diagnosed with diabetes.

How can you tell if you have diabetes?

There are symptoms of diabetes, which should not be ignored, and they include


Health risks of Obesity

An Obese person is someone who has an excessive amount of body fat.

What is considered as an excessive amount of body fat?

An excessive amount of body fat is defined using the body max index (BMI).

The body mass index (BMI) is a value calculated from the weight and height of an individual.

An obese person is anybody that has a BMI greater than 30.

For example a 5ft 4 inches woman is considered obese when her weight exceeds 175 pounds.

Obesity has been linked to various diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea, and cancers.

So what causes obesity?

We have become more reliant on fast foods.

Due to its convenience and affordable nature, fast foods have replaced most people home cooked meals.

Burgers, fries and pizzas, these meals are delicious and readily available.

It may start off as your morning bagel and before you know it you it, fast foods have replaced all your meals.

Fast foods, soda consumption and a sedentary lifestyle have all been linked to obesity.


Whole-grain bread versus White bread

I love sandwiches, bagels and burgers.

Although I hate the pounds they tend to add on my hips, I have always been a fan of bread.

In a desperate plea to eat healthier while still eating those foods that I love, I have traded in my white bread for whole grain bread.

But is whole grain bread really healthier than white bread?

Whole-grain bread is a type of brown bread made using flour that is partly or entirely milled from whole or almost-whole wheat grains.

Whole-grain bread contains various essential nutrients including fiber, carbohydrate, fat and protein.

White bread is a type of bread made from processed wheat flour.

The processing of the wheat flour involves removing the bran and the germ layers, this produces light-colored flour.

Removing the bran and the germ layers increases the shelf life of the bread.

Whole-grain bread versus White bread :

Calories: A slice of whole-grain multigrain bread contains 69 calories while a slice of white bread contains 74 calories.

Carbohydrates: A slice of whole-grain multigrain bread contains 11.3 grams of carbohydrates while a slice of white bread contains 13.7 grams of carbohydrates.


The nutrients in Watermelon seeds.

Watermelons are fruits that are high in nutritional value and also delicious.

But even though you might eat the fruit and spit out the seeds, the seeds are also high in nutrients.

The seeds are rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

The nutrients found in watermelon seeds include

Proteins: Watermelon seeds are rich is proteins. Proteins consist of amino acids are used by the human body to build muscles and necessary for enzyme transportation.

Niacin: Watermelon seeds are a rich source of vitamin B. Vitamin B maintains the nervous system and converts food into energy.

Zinc: Zinc is necessary for healthy body functions including immune system maintenance and the repair of skin tissue.