When a house is not a Home (Part 3)

After that day the tables were turned, John looked at her with a grudging respect and she in turn saw him for what he really was.

He was a weak bully.

He preyed on the weak and helpless and translated love into control.

When they were dating, she had noticed that he had a tendency to bully people that he felt were beneath him.

Waiters and valets always felt the brunt of his harsh words but, she felt that she would never be at the receiving end of such behavior.

But a person’s character is always tested the most through times of adversity and John has shown her who he really was.

Susan realized that she had been fighting a losing battle; she had thought that she could change his life and make him a better person.


When a house is not a Home (Part 2)

So Susan struggled, she was the sole breadwinner of her home and felt overwhelmed.

Over time the verbal abuse from John changed to physical abuse.

Even looking at him the wrong way could end up with her getting a black eye.

She tried to share her fears with her family but even though they tried to offer words of encouragement,

They couldn’t believe that the God-fearing man with his handsome demeanor could be the monster John.

She sought counseling at a shelter for abused women and though she was advised to leave him,

She couldn’t make herself leave her matrimonial home.

Soon enough he started hitting her in front of the children.

She tried to ease their fears when they cried at night when they asked her out loud “why does Daddy always hit mummy?”


Emotional abuse : Kelly’s story

“I don’t know what is wrong” Kelly said to her mother” I cannot put my finger on it, but we are not right together”

“He seemed like a nice guy” Her Mother replied cautiously and Kelly shook her head as she sipped her cup of coffee.

She had been married to Jake for five years and even though all seemed well she was not happy.


Financial abuse : Susan’s story

Susan met Dave a young south-African man, at a church function, with his imposing height of six feet three inches he was so handsome.

She introduced herself and soon enough they became friends.

She had just gotten divorced from her husband of five years Phil and was so heartbroken and depressed.


Physical abuse : Tina’s Story

It all started out so wonderfully, Tina met Ben one evening and it seemed like faith.

He shared all her ideologies, seemed to share her beliefs and she breathed a sign of relief that it had finally happened.

Things progressed from there she spoke on the phone every night and was at each other’s places every other day.