In a Trance

I feel weird when I recollect,

The way I felt standing there,

With your arms around me, so warm and strong

and thinking this is where I was meant to be.

But now you’ve gone, a memory past,

I miss you more, each day than last


All I want is some honesty

Sometimes all I want is some honesty,

None of the idiosyncrasies  and some truth I need.

To be sincere is worth the tears,

And to be aware beyond my fears.

I want the truth, it makes it real,

The things I feel makes me aware.

Of all the lies the others tell,

makes all the truth, more precious dear.

I don’t want lies, I don’t want doubt,

I want to know I can trust you’re there.

That you’re not part of a phony tribe,

who breath in doubt and sprout out lies.


Simply Me

I am not a bad person,

I know this for a fact.

But, sometimes I get angry,

And say things out of spite.

I might not be perfect.

Far from the most beautiful.

But, I am unique,

The best of a few.


A forgotten man.

You once told me that people lie.

Maybe cause you lie more than most.

You may call deception your best friend.

And may see my passions as a source of jest.

Imagine me, grounded in despair.

wondering why I fell for you.

People seem to be sincere,

when they come so awfully near.


Goodbye for now.

It has been a while, we have been cool hanging out.

Suddenly you are acting like a spoiled brat just cause I said I can’t.

I know it might be difficult for you to accept, but I do have a mind of my own.

I know what I want and I don’t want that.

What you expect from me I do not know.

You act one way one day and another way the next.

A mind reader I am not, so why are you making me work for it.

Maybe you like the attention, maybe you miss the feelings.

Whatever it is just let me know.

Because right now I feel like you are not worth this.

We have known each other a while, but who I thought I knew is not who I am seeing now.

There are no excuses to be made, no words can disprove.

The way you’re acting is making me feel is angry and that’s not cool.


A letter to a friend

I know you are going through hard times love, but soon it’s going to pass.

A journey starts with a single step and you have walked a while.

I wish that I could help you out and ease some of your pain.


Loving You

We hung out last night, in a little bar down the road.

It is funny how the little things seem so great when we are together.

From the way you sip your drink to the song playing on the radio.


Heart Broken

You broke my heart,

You really did,

I felt it shatter.

Into a thousand pieces.

I thought this would last forever,

I planned my life with us together.

I loved you more each day,

A love like this cant end this way.

It was like a fairy tale,