What you deserve

Sometimes even the smartest people can fall in love with the wrong people.

From gold diggers to narcissists, there are so many bad people in this world.

Many of them use love as a weapon to berate, criticize and control the people in their lives.

Over time you start to believe that maybe they are right,

Why can’t you just act the way he wants you to act ?

Why can’t you see he loves you and that is why he is hurting you ?

But love is not pain, love is not mean and love is definitely not hate.

So even if you cannot imagine living without him, life does go on.

You are much stronger than you know.

Though it hurts today,

Tomorrow it would hurt a little less and even less the day after that,

And slowly as time goes by you would wake up one day and forget to be sad.

You would hear the birds singing, the wind lifting your hair,

And realize it is truly a beautiful world.


Why does it smell down there?

Nobody talks about it, nobody wants to think they have it but some women do have a bad smell.

It is not the typical body odor that is caused by poor personal hygiene and lack of deodorant use, though poor hygiene might be a factor.

This smell starts from down there, yes ladies the vagina.

The vagina is full of bacteria, both the good and the bad. They help regulate the pH levels down there and prevent infections such as yeast infections and Bacterial Vaginosis.

So usually there is a slight odor associated with the vagina but when there is an overpowering fishy smell something could be very wrong. This is especially true when this smell also has other symptoms including itching, burning and a discharge.

So what could be the cause of this common but embarrassing condition?

Bacterial vaginosis: This common infection is caused by an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria in the vaginal. Common symptoms of this infection include itching, a fishy odor and a discharge. This infection can be treated with antibiotics.


When a house is not a Home (Part 4)


She drove until she was fatigued and finally stopped for the night in another small motel.

With a little over 50 dollars remaining in her checking account she went in search for a job.

She got a job in a nearby cafe on her first try and happily started working straight away.

Susan ended up staying in the little town of Stone Point for the next ten years.

As she sat in the audience watching her Daughter graduate College she looked back on how far she had come.

She had tried the conventional route and had come to the conclusion that one size doesn’t fit all.

Some people might not understand your life’s choices but as long as they make you happy that’s all that matters.


When a house is not a Home (Part 3)

After that day the tables were turned, John looked at her with a grudging respect and she in turn saw him for what he really was.

He was a weak bully.

He preyed on the weak and helpless and translated love into control.

When they were dating, she had noticed that he had a tendency to bully people that he felt were beneath him.

Waiters and valets always felt the brunt of his harsh words but, she felt that she would never be at the receiving end of such behavior.

But a person’s character is always tested the most through times of adversity and John has shown her who he really was.

Susan realized that she had been fighting a losing battle; she had thought that she could change his life and make him a better person.


When a house is not a Home (Part 2)

So Susan struggled, she was the sole breadwinner of her home and felt overwhelmed.

Over time the verbal abuse from John changed to physical abuse.

Even looking at him the wrong way could end up with her getting a black eye.

She tried to share her fears with her family but even though they tried to offer words of encouragement,

They couldn’t believe that the God-fearing man with his handsome demeanor could be the monster John.

She sought counseling at a shelter for abused women and though she was advised to leave him,

She couldn’t make herself leave her matrimonial home.

Soon enough he started hitting her in front of the children.

She tried to ease their fears when they cried at night when they asked her out loud “why does Daddy always hit mummy?”


When your house is not a Home (Part 1)

I know a woman who is very unhappy.

This woman named Susan is in an unhappy marriage.

When she was much younger she had a couple of kids for her boyfriend and for almost 15 years she raised those kids as a single mom.

With her minimum wage job and side gigs she was able to provide for her kids and was relatively happy.

Then she met a tall handsome man at work.

He was a new supervisor and had just been moved to work in her unit.

From the very beginning they didn’t get along.

She thought that he was a egocentric man with delusions of grandeur and he thought that she was too proud.

Over time she lost her intense dislike for the man name John and they became friends.

John was a widower who had lost his wife at childbirth a couple of years ago.


In a Trance

I feel weird when I recollect,

The way I felt standing there,

With your arms around me, so warm and strong

and thinking this is where I was meant to be.

But now you’ve gone, a memory past,

I miss you more, each day than last


All I want is some honesty

Sometimes all I want is some honesty,

None of the idiosyncrasies  and some truth I need.

To be sincere is worth the tears,

And to be aware beyond my fears.

I want the truth, it makes it real,

The things I feel makes me aware.

Of all the lies the others tell,

makes all the truth, more precious dear.

I don’t want lies, I don’t want doubt,

I want to know I can trust you’re there.

That you’re not part of a phony tribe,

who breath in doubt and sprout out lies.


I want you back.

Its times like these that I realize just how much I miss our friendship.

Just when I want to share some news and there is no one else I’d rather share it with.

It’s hard to accept that this is the way things are going to be.

I had forgotten the hurt, forgiven your mistakes, but how can I get you back?

Childish ideologies and perfected dreams made me doubt you.


Love in Relationships and Marriage

This post was written by featured guest blogger – Milian

Marriage is the next important decision of your life after the decision about where to spend eternity, if you believe there is one. If you don’t, then it is the most important decision. Marriage is more important that the decision to buy a house or a car.

Most people’s houses last longer than their marriages. This is because before we build a house, we consult with qualified architects, structural engineers, land surveyors, quantity surveyors, friends and family. We also get licenses /approval from the government for the building plan before we even begin to build the house.

Even after we move into the house, we spend money to pay plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. to maintain it. The reason for this rigor is that we want the house to outlast a lifetime, and we know that there can be fatal consequences if the house is badly designed and built.

On the other hand, we are not required by law to have any knowledge about marriage, or have a plan drawn by qualified professionals before we are issued a certificate in less than an hour.

This is one of the major reasons why relationships and marriage fail; they are built on ignorance or incorrect knowledge. If you want to have a successful marriage that lasts a lifetime, you have to get the knowledge. It is not negotiable. Without it, you will make costly mistakes, and failure is imminent.

You wouldn’t dare sit in the cockpit of a jumbo jet to fly it for ten minutes without going through flight school, so why would you begin to fly the jet your marriage of a lifetime without taking lessons?